KissMyButton is a web development company through and through. The web is our passion, web browsers are our platform of choice and web users the audience that we care about. 
Starting at the backend core and going all the way up to the last UX animation, KissMyButton has the know-how and the experience to undertake, design and deliver even the most demanding of projects.


Among our diverse portfolio, we are happy to count more than 5 projects from technology startup companies that let us transform their great ideas into solid, stable, and high-quality web applications. Proper software architecture and design is at the heart of each successful project and our highly educated and experienced team has the ability to structure and design software ensuring maintainability, extensibility, and stability.


The web is constantly changing in all terms. Users of all ages with all kinds of devices (from mobile to desktop and from TVs to automobile entertainment systems) use the web each and every day. New design and UX trends emerge and new capabilities keep on being added to the browsers. We closely and thoroughly follow and study all trends and new features of the modern web so that we can provide UX design services that will put a smile on your final users’ faces.


KissMyButton is its clients. If the clients are happy, we are happy. We are always and in every way here to support your web project, providing a number of different cooperation ways and plans, one of which will perfectly match the needs of any given infrastructure.

  • Per Project: We undertake full projects from the user specifications phase all the way to final product delivery.

  • Per Hour: We provide consulting and development services. Our experts are ready to provide hourly charged services only when you need them and for as long as you need them.

  • Long term contracts: If you’re looking to expand or completely outsource your web development team, we’re here to help. A Project Manager from KissMyButton will sit down with you, discuss the details of your project(s), gauge the nature of your business and the organizational structure of your company, come up with a resources analysis report and suggest the most optimal cooperation way(s) between the two parties.

    We have vast experience of this type of cooperation and are able to adapt and fit perfectly into the organizational structure of any company, acting as part of it. The provided resources may be scaled up or down depending on the needs of your company at any time.