tradpaginator v 0.8 is out bringing new features and capabilities.

What’s new:
1. ‘auto’ option has been added to curpage parameter. With this new feature you don’t have to define each time the current page of the paginated results set. By using the ‘auto’ keyword as the parameter’s value the plugin automatically detects the current page by the value of the corresponding form input or get variable.
2. Ordering. This is the most important addition on version 0.8. With a very similar way (as with pagination) you can now define the get variables or the form inputs that hold and pass the order by and ascending / descending values. Also, if you use tables for illustrating the results you can easily turn your column names to active ordering links just by wrapping them into spans with “tradpaginatororder” class and by providing the column name it represents on its data-col attribute.

More details, examples and documentation can be found on the official plugin’s page on github from where you can also download it.