Very recently, our Lead Developer Andreas Trantidis open-sourced an amazing web animations library called MotorCortex.js.

The “motor cortex” is the part of the human brain that controls the movement of the whole body. This centralized control over the body’s muscles movement achieved by this very part of the brain is solely responsible for its smooth, harmonic, and “natural” movement.

MotorCortex.js aspires to mimic the human brain’s motor cortex by providing a new layer of software abstraction that handles and describes the movement of the various elements of an html application in such a way that all timed effects do not interfere with the logic (decision making) layer of the software. Plus, each “transition” is treated as a matter of the whole application body and not just of each element alone. And all this with an easy and straight-forward CSS-like syntax and a js API that respects and matches all the modern MV* Javascript frameworks.

For more info please visit the project’s official page: or its github page: