It’s been quite some time since Julian Shapiro created one of the best and most popular animation libraries ever, with the name “Velocity”. By that time our man Andreas Trantidis also open sourced “MotorCortex.js”, a library using velocity on its core, allowing developers to define animations in a much easier, descriptive / CSS-like way rather than coding it.

It’s been a great journey so far but it’s now time for the next generation of both libs to rise!

KissMyButton is currently developing the second version of MotorCortex.js that will include radical changes and improvements compared to version 1, providing functionality and features that were not even possible on version 1, forming a complete and powerful animations & media orchestration library. For the time being the project is still close until it reaches a stable, MVP version.
Once again, under the hood is Velocity! Only this time is Velocity 2.

As part of the MotorCortex.js 2 project and in perfect cooperation with the library’s v.2 maintainer Ryc O’ Chet, KissMyButton proudly sponsors and contributes on the development of the Velocity 2 open source project. [as stated on the bottom of this file]

More news and updates for both will be soon announced through our blog, so stay tuned.