We don’t provide “Angular Development Services” but top Quality Front End Architecture and Angular Development Services, always applying the best practices and always producing performant, well-tested code that can be easily maintained, extended and scale.


Having 15 years of experience, we have evolved our recruitment and talent development processes so all of our Sr, Mid and Jr Developers are top-quality Engineers.
Our Engineers continuously evolve via the standardized training program that we offer.


Each project, each team and each Organization has its own characteristics.
Kiss My Button acts as a Specialized Vendor, providing flexible outsourcing plans that plug harmonically into the individual structure of any organisation or company

Kiss My Button advantages

Architecture first

In Software everything starts from and relies on Architecture. Our Team will discuss, study and comprehend your business needs and will deliver a requirements report (we call it “the contract”).
Based on the contract, our Engineers will map the requirements to technical concepts of the Angular framework, by applying only best practices, delivering the best possible Software Design.

Standard Processes

git flow, continuous integration, automated tests and performance monitoring are some of the most important aspects of Software Development.
Our company has the expertise to justify and the experience to apply best practices on these aspects so that (Angular) code can safely, and on time, flow from  developers’ machines all the way to production.

Team scalability

Software Projects are very dynamic and we know it!
One of the major advantages of outsourcing is the easy Team scaling.
Kiss My Button can start with just one Developer on a Project and gradually scale the Team as the project evolves and the development needs grow.
Our Client’s success is our growth.

Proven Experience

Kiss My Button is trusted by some of the most important companies & organisations to lead or to contribute on their top-notch Angular projects:

Combined services

Angular Development is certainly one of our top expertises but it’s not the only one neither the only service we provide.
You can combine our Angular Services with QA and backend development services, such as node.js, go lang or python, forming a larger team that can cover the full development needs of your project.

In the heart of EU

Our company is based in Greece, a core member of the European Union, something that guarantees a stable and secure environment as well as an easy access and a pleasant stay to our hometown.
Greece is a country with 100% Western culture with highly educated Professionals but, at the same time, with extremely competitive rates compared to the rest of the EU.

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