One of our most fundamental axioms is that the deep understanding of the business needs, goals and requirements is an indispensable prerequisite of Software Development.  Our weapon of choice for this process is not a secret. In-depth discussions and regular brainstorming sessions help the team to identify in a clear and concise way the specifications of the software, throughout the full development life circle. Especially during the very first phase of any cooperation, we always produce a detailed specification analysis document that includes Kiss My Button’s understanding on both the technical and the business details of the project and we encourage our Client to read it and sign it off.


Having identified the specifications, the team proceeds to the design phase. During this phase, the software is being designed both on the user interface level and the core code level through the use of standard software development methodologies. Once again, the client participates in the process by providing feedback for user interface layout samples and by answering all new questions that arise during the detailed designing of the code.



The final phase of our process is development. Our team consists of experienced and specialized developers that have a deep understanding and extended experience of the web and web development.
Our company has well-defined, documented and standardized software development and CICD methodologies, Quality Assurance and Quality Control processes.  Our top-quality team studies, tests, adapts and constantly evolves our methodologies, following the latest standards and using the most modern tools and approaches of the market. Depending on the nature of the project, Kiss My Button can contribute or completely undertake the Management of the Software Development Process providing progress reports to the Client at the end of each sprint.
Still, our 15+ years of experience has taught us that there is no “golden rule” or “golden process” as the needs, the structure, the size and the people of each team are different as well as the nature of each project. That’s why our Developers are trained to adapt to any organisational & management scheme the Client prefers and uses, always providing valuable feedback & recommendations that can evolve the processes.