Hellenic Cardiological Society

Hellenic Cardiological Society (GR, Athens): The Hellenic Cardiological Society is considered as one of the most prominent Medical Societies in Greece. kissmybutton has been providing its services to HCS for more than 7 years, by developing and maintaining a sophisticated online conferences management system, a members management system and more.

Hellenic Veterinary Medical Society

Hellenic Veterinary Medical Society (GR, Thessaloniki): The Hellenic Veterinary Medical Society was one of the first Medical Societies in Greece to provide a mobile-optimized version of their (custom) Members Management System. kissmybutton developed both the classic and mobile-optimized version of the Members Management System.


JellNetworks (US, California): Advanced Video Collaboration For The Mobile Workforce. kissmybutton cooperates with Jell Networks on the development of a nex-generation, webRTC based, online collaboration platform provided by Jell Networks.

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Municipality of Kalamaria

Municipality of Kalamaria (GR, Thessaloniki): Back in 2004 kissmybutton was the first company to develop a complete web GIS City Guide application in Greece. The web application built for the Municipality of Kalamaria was named “Kalamaria City Guide”. The application was based on “Mapflash”, a vector web GIS platform developed from scratch by kissmybutton, using the most important web GIS tools and technologies of the time (proj4, gdal/ogr, MySQL spatial, flex and more).

Margaritidis A/V

Margaritidis A/V (GR, Thessaloniki): Margaritidis Audio Visual is a leading audio-visual and web technology company. The main focus of the company is on the medical world, as it provides sophisticated and cutting edge hardware & software solutions covering the modern needs of the most active medical sector in Greece. kissmybutton is Margaritidis webdev partner.

Margaritids A/V website

Monsoon Strategy

Monsoon Strategy (US, Phoenix): Monsoon Strategy applies the best practices used by cutting-edge startups, SaaS, e-commerce, and other Web pure-plays to businesses of every stripe, in any industry. We are very proud to provide our software development services to them as Monsoon Strategy is one of the most important companies of their sector.

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Moo Send

Moosend (UK, London): Moosend is a powerfull Email Marketing platform with world class features and of the simplest UI in the market. KissMyButton developed Moosend’s email builder front-end on 2014.

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Neocles BV (NL, Amsterdam): Neocles has created a platform for fashion brands that “puts their product into the pockets of their business customers”, making it easy to purchase, promote and plan. We are very proud to participate on the development of Neocles’ platform contributing from various positions (front end, back end, QA).

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Omilia (GR, Athens): Omilia (GR/Athens): Omilia’s DiaManT, is an omni-Channel Dialogue Management platform that allows customers to freely communicate in natural language, without having to navigate through complex menus and option trees. The company has delivered valuable results for mobile operators, banks, and energy companies, among others. KissMyButton cooperates with Omilia on the development of the next gen, self-service NLU Studio web app.

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PEVE (GR, Thessaloniki): PEVE was founded in 1951 and it is consisted of the pediatricians of North Greece. It is a community that is characterised by its high scientific adequacy, sensitive social reflexes and strong bonds between the members. In addition, PEVE implements vast educational material within the Medical Education and supports the researches of the new colleagues with monetarily awards.


Pureprofile (AU, Sydney): Pureprofile is the world’s leading panel provision and customer database management company for the market research industry, providing access to hard-to-reach consumer and B2B groups around the world. KissMyButton is proud to have two of its members dynamically participating on the company’s great development team.

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Ryver (US, Phoenix): Ryver takes the best of business chat tools like Slack, makes it 100% free, and then seamlessly adds a powerful Task Manager so all those chats get converted into actual work. KissMyButton had the chance and the luck to work closely with the Ryver team developing the public website of this stunning product.

Ryver public website

Shopper Track

ShopperTrack (US, Chicago): Since 1993, ShopperTrack has been helping retailers, malls and entertainmet venues around the globe learn who is coming in their doors, where they’re going and how to make the most of that information. Our Lead Developer, Andreas Trantidis has been providing his services for a year to ShopperTrack building the prorotype of a retail analytic data platform.

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Twenty (SE, Stockholm): Twenty is the most innovative full service brand studio in Scandinavia. KissMyButton developed “Twenty Live”, a webRTC application that allows the studio’s clients to watch / listen and comment, in real time, the studio’s recordings through the browser. The app is constantly been improved with new features and capabilities.

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universit of zurich

University of Zurich (CH, Zurich): In 2018 the Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Prevention Institute (EBPI) of the University of Zurich picked our company as its strategic partner for the development of a generic, module-based eHealth platform to connect researchers and citizens (affected people) to take benefit from each other.


vLine (US, California): vLine provides one of the world’s first and most reliable real-time video platform using the webRTC technology. kissmybutton is proud to cooperate with vLine contributing with the php and node.js examples available on github. Furthermore, our company has gained valuable extended experience using vLine’s API and is able to provide complete and solid solutions based on it.

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VMware (US, California): VMware streamlines the journey for organizations to become digital businesses that deliver better experiences to their customers and empower employees to do their best work. VMware’s software spans compute, cloud, networking and security, and digital workspace. We are very glad to participate on “NSX Service Mesh” project of VMware as Front End Architects & Developers, being part of a cutting edge, world class project.

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