Kiss My Button PC is a software development company specialized (but not limited to) in front end web development, providing flexible outsourcing plans that plug harmonically into the individual structure of any organization or company.

One of the fundamental axioms is that the deep understanding of the business needs, goals and requirements is an indispensable prerequisite of Software Development.

The Kiss my Button’s Management is committed to:

  • meet the requirements of customers and other interested parties and take the necessary measures to increase their satisfaction,
  • be able to provide experienced and specialized developers that have a deep understanding and extended experience of the web and web development
  • provide staff continuous training and appropriate work environment,
  • keep updated and further develop the Management System according to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001,
  • keep strictly the legislative and other requirements concerning the Company’s activities,
  • monitor and correct, when it is necessary, the Company’s Information Security & Quality System through the establishment and systematic monitoring of measurable targets and indicators,
  • modify, when it is needed, this Policy and the set of Information Security Policies so as to ensure its continued adequacy and suitability,
  • provide the necessary resources for the smooth operation of the Company.


General Manager, 25.02.20

Andreas Trantidis