webRTC lecture by Andreas Trantidis

On Friday, March 02 2014, our Lead Developer, Andreas Trantidis gave a lecture on the emerging webRTC technology to the students of the MSc course “Software Engineering and Telecommunications” at the City College (International Faculty of the University of Sheffield), in Thessaloniki.
The lecture was organized as part of the “Contemporary Issues in ICT” unit of the Master Course which aims to present the latest developments and various
contemporary topics in the field of information and telecommunications technology (ICT) through a series of seminars and lectures presented by
industrial and academic experts in the field.

A big thanks to Dr. Thanos Hatziapostolou, Senior Lecturer on Computer Science Department for the invitation and the excellent hosting of the event.

The slides of the lecture can by found here: https://kissmybutton.gr/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/webrtc.pps

KissMyButton cooperating with JellNetworks on JustKnock webRTC project

We are happy about our very successful cooperation with JellNetworks on the “JustKnock” project. KissMyButton, through the use of webRTC technology and with guidance and great cooperation from JellNetworks’ CEO Mr. Joseph Karwat, has developed the application. JustKnock is built on JellRTC’s platform.

JustKnock™ is Jell’s first webRTC video collaboration service, designed to serve as a mobile professional’s virtual office. Functioning just like a physical office, when someone “Knocks”, the host can see who is behind the door and decide whether to speak with them right away or park them in his/her (virtual) waiting room. With the Defined Availability feature, only certain people will know that you are “available”.

More details can be found here: http://jellnet.com/solutions/justknock/
The link to the application is: http://justknock.net